Slat deslagger

  • Slat-band chain version
  • Robust waterproof design
  • Low-maintenance special sealing on the deflection shaft
  • Different materials possible
  • Tensioning station outside the water
  • Large inspection openings
  • Large water drain valves
  • Water level regulation
  • Horizontal and / or ascending arrangement
  • Double-strand forked lug chain with deposit welding
  • Stand-still monitoring (without evaluation electronics)

Slam / ram deslagger

  • 1 or 2 hydraulic cylinders (supplied without hydraulic unit)
  • Large inspection openings on both sides
  • Large water drain valves
  • Water level regulation
  • Bolted or welded wear plates
  • Wear plates made of different materials (for example, Hardox, EIPA, Castolin) possible
  • End position monitoring (without evaluation electronics)
  • Optional transfer point hood for subsequent conveying element
  • Optionally machine platforms

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